Designing your Space & Why Choosing a Landscape Architect, Designer, or Contractor is so Critical to a Good Design and Functional Space!

Goals for your Landscape Design:

•compliment the design and style of your home by examining your lifestyle and preferences

•choosing the right product, borders, accents, and accessories that work well with your home and existing landscape or grading of property (mosaics)

•scale and proportion of all elements within the design, such as retaining walls, pergolas, patios, driveways, and fireplace areas

•add value through incorporating the correct elements & products that exist in our industry

•adding curb appeal that suits the neighbourhood and surroundings

•make the design safe and practical

Anyone can dream about the space they have in their yard but planning the space takes experience and a lot of thought. Plans do not necessarily need to be a formal drawing, but they do need to be well planned out, and to scale in order understand how to best to use the space. This little bit of homework goes a long way and ensures your investment will be enjoyed for many years to come.

‘Ask us about our home consulting and outdoor space design network.’

Think about what you want – do you need a place for kids to play? A place for the dog? For barbecue? For storage? Do you want a shady corner? Seating for a dozen? A work-shop? Make a list of your ‘have-to-have items.

Now think about function – you’ll want a soft surface under a swing set, but might want solid pathways for well-traveled areas. Wooden deck or stone patio? Cost may help you decide which materials to use. Play around with a plan on paper, but use a garden hose or can of pray paint to experiment with shapes on the ground. Paths should be wide enough to accommodate your lawn mower and wheelbarrow. Include the placement of doors, windows, access points, and views.

Think about privacy – hedges are great living screens, but take years to grow big enough to be effective and trimming can be a hassle. Vines can be effective screens. There are a variety of fence styles availablee as well.

Dont create a drainage problem – water must drain away from your house or it will drain into it and cause long term issues with your home. keep it in mind when installing paths, patios, or ponds.

Plant the biggest items first – trees take several to many years to mature, shrubs take a few years, and flowers only a season or two. Think about the shade you create with a tree, and make sure it falls where you want it. Obviously its easier to move a flower than a tree, so make your mistakes on paper.

Dont be overwhelmed – you dont have to do it all at one time, or even all by yourself. A well though out plan can be phased in as your time and budget allow. A landscape designer or architect can draw up a plan for you, and proceed at your own pace. Remember that your relationship with your landscape architect should be a two way street. It is your space but as a professional they can and should help you through any potential concerns and prevent wasting time and money.

Have fun with it – gardening is supposed to be a stress-buster, not a stress-maker.

Choosing a Professional Contractor / Installer

We recommend the use of professional landscape contractors for your project. When considering & designing your homes landscape, you are making an important investment in your home. Don’t let poor workmanship turn your ideal plan into a disappointment. Propert site preparation with the correct grading, base materials and compaction is key to ensuring that your hardscape or landscape looks great and offers longevity in your investment!






14 Replies to “Designing your Space & Why Choosing a Landscape Architect, Designer, or Contractor is so Critical to a Good Design and Functional Space!”

  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hiring a landscape designer can help you add curb appeal that fits the rest of the neighborhood. My husband and I just moved into a new house, and we have some ideas for changes we’d like to make in our landscape. It’s a nicer neighborhood, and it all has a similar feel to it, so we’ll definitely look into hiring a professional designer so our new yard still fits in. Thanks for the great post!

    1. and thank you for the comment,,, its always exciting to hear from others as it takes time to reply and time is hard to find!! We are glad you found some value in our posting,,,, hopefully you have found a landscape designer or are well on your way to building an awesome landscape!

    1. Very very true… Many planters would like instant gratification where the gardens look full with mature plants and lots of foliage – yet there is an art in patience when it comes to softscaping! Leave some extra space when planting to allow for future growth and the right outcome in the long run!.

      1. I remember when I first began planting here at my house. I never used to leave enough space for full growth so I had a lot of lost plants. It’s a very good point to make sure you leave enough space and to research how big your plants are going to be at full growth height and width.

        1. Adrienne thank you for taking the time to write….
          Yes planting is a fun and easy job, and often so fun we want immediate results so we all just start planting everthing so close to one another – next thing you know it looks cluttered. Enjoy your planting, and also enjoy taking the time to watch them all grow and fill the space appropriately!

  2. Thanks for the blog. You wrote that when designing your landscape, you should consider things like what function they will serve and will you want to spend time there. I want to make an area dedicated for a swing for my children, so I’ll have to find a good landscape designer who could help me make a nice, soft area for the kids to play.

    1. Rachel, thank you for writing,
      You could check out the new rubber matting systems which are bouncy and soft for the kids, or a playground mulch. Annually there are new, safe, an innovative products for swing sets or playgrounds… Call a professional installer or 2 and see what ideas they can share with you oner the phone 🙂
      Good luck,

  3. I liked when you talked about taking into consideration any draining issues when doing landscape. It makes sense that remembering this can help you avoid costly damages to your house and make sure you get the services you need. I can see how anyone looking into this would want contact a professional that has the right certifications and tools to deliver quality work.

    1. Thank you John for your response.Yes its important that we focus on the foundation and all underground items vs just the aesthetic of our finished product. The value of most projects is in the structure – not just the surface layer 🙂
      Thanks again for writing

  4. Thanks for bringing to my attention the importance of proper drainage when making changes to your landscape. My wife and I have decided to put in a patio, and we trying to iron out all of the details for that. I hadn’t really thought about drainage, but I don’t want flooding in my basement, so we’ll make sure to take that into consideration while we’re planning.

  5. My husband and I are looking to redesign our yard. We want to make sure we are able to find someone that will help us design and create a beautiful landscape. As you said, it’s important to communicate to the architect what you want including open spaces. Thanks for sharing!

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