8 Essentials To A Great Stone Landscape!

Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph & Surrounding Areas in Southern Ontario are considered to be one of the most concentrated hubs for landscaping in North America. We therefore participate in the industries latest trends & designs on a daily basis!

Modern linear plank stone hardscape using Techo-Bloc paving stones
Modern linear plank stone hardscape using Techo-Bloc paving stones

The details that you should consider when designing an outdoor living space, including; driveways, patios & walkways, fireplaces & fire accents, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, steps, outdoor lighting, gardens, water features, & stone veneer, is listed in this short blog by the Creative Landscape Depot team.

If you’re looking to upgrade your exterior landscape,, and enjoy your space at another level, then let’s talk about your renovation. Our 2019 landscape & veneer product guide are great resources, and our extensive network of professionals area available to quote you on your projects details.

A stone landscape designed with complimentary plants and foliage
A stone landscape designed with complimentary plants and foliage

“Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape.[1] This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, and concrete, as opposed to softscape, the horticultural elements of a landscape.”


8 Design Features & Materials To Be Considered

1) Interlocking Brick vs Other Hardscape Surfaces

Our interlocking paving stone collection is designed to outperform other paving surfaces such as asphalt, poured &stamped concrete, and exposed concrete. Choosing the right product for your hardscape is an important decision. Driveways are subject to a lot of use and abuse by vehicles, people, equipment and chemicals such as salt. The permeability of paving stones may allow us to compliment natural elements and water run off, as well as prevent damage to the product due to staining or shifting and cracking. 

A Stone driveway can be designed to incorporate materials that compliment your home. The right selection and colours can add continuity, which ultimately enhances the value of your home. Personalize your patio, walkway, or driveway, by adding borders and accents to draw out specific colours from your home and create design continuity. Consider adding features like planters, decorative walls, or pillars, to further enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Natural stone texture and laying patterns, as well as colour options are limitless!
Natural stone texture and laying patterns, as well as colour options are limitless!

2) Continuity & Complementing Your Home

The exterior of your home should showcase your design style, lifestyle, and favorite textures and colours. Consider replicating or complementing the features of your home with other elements of your landscape for continuity and a formal outcome.

3) Scale & Proportion

Great design happens when scale, proportion and function are at the forefront. For example, a front walkway should offer enough width for a comfortable entrance while potentially carrying luggage or other items, and where the walkway intersects with your driveway should be wide enough that you can easily access it while getting in or out of your vehicle. The walkway should extend along the driveway 8-18 feet to allow for a formal and comfortable access.

if your adding features such as pillars or steps, be sure that you work with industry professional to ensure that the height or length of the units are appropriate for the scale of your home. 

If you intend to install a pool, ensure the pool deck has a patio for entertaining or lounging, & consider the size and amount of furniture you wish to incorporate.

Wide front entrances or interlocking walkways, are inviting, comfortable, and practical.
Wide front entrances or interlocking walkways, are inviting, comfortable, and practical.

4) Design It Safe & Comfortable

Making your walkways and entire landscape safe and practical is very important. We recommend adding landscape lighting to your design, including path lights, pocket lights, accent lights, and LED undercount lights. For superior slip resistance, our CREATIVE precast paver collection offers many options and unique textures, accompanied by great warranties for our Canadian 4-seasons and aggressive weather patterns.

When identifying the right product for your pool deck there are things you must consider. Safe, non-slip surfaces, lighter stone colours, non-abrasive edges for pool copings, and inset borders to help define the pool edge are all features to consider.

Techo-Bloc Borealis paver has texture, is warm, and can offer some grab and slip protection.
Techo-Bloc Borealis paver has texture, is warm, and can offer some grab and slip protection.

5) A Great Investment When Done Right 

A great landscape and hardscape will increase the value of your home, and will allow it to sell faster and for more money. Incorporation of borders, planters, walls, pillars, and other home accents really dress up your outdoor space and give it life. However, if done wrong, a landscape investment may not show a return. If you are designing your own space, we recommend reviewing it with a few industry professionals before putting the shovel in the ground or reach out to a recognized landscape firm with a great portfolio.

6) Inviting Spaces vs Just A Space 

Create a patio that is truly an extension of your home. With so many paving stone and natural stone options in our hardscape collection, you can mould an outdoor living space with magnetic energy that will draw you and your company to that space with ease. A great space is naturally inviting & warm feeling, making it easy to host gatherings, and connect with family and friends. Many small details, and often the art of simplicity is what is required to creating a great space, so be sure to consult with the pros. Stone landscapes can be cold if complimenting items are not incorporated appropriately, but they can make the space all the same when the package is drafted with perfection.

Motivating outdoor spaces lure you to use them more than an average landscape!
Motivating outdoor spaces lure you to use them more than an average landscape!

7) Pools, Water Features, & Added Benefits

If you’ve dreamt of a pool, hot tub, or spa at some point in your life, then don’t leave the idea out of your design. Sometimes going that extra mile during the construction and messy period is well worth the added cost and time. A meandering stone walkway with beautiful gardens and accents leading from one ambiance of your property to the next can be captivating, fun, and exciting. Take advantage of the mobilization cost your trades have already included in your quote, and piggyback on their efforts by including all aspects of your perfect landscape

Pools and hardscapes that accompany them such as this natural stone coping and accent Eva paver by Techo-Bloc are award winning options for any landscape!
Pools and hardscapes that accompany them such as this natural stone coping and accent Eva paver by Techo-Bloc are award winning options for any landscape!

8) Contour, Movement, & Elevations

Different elevations can be fun and emotional! Properly planned steps, multilevel areas and retaining walls can get technical, but they can add a dramatic result to your landscape.

Be sure to consider drainage for all stone landscape areas, especially when multi-level areas are being installed.  Guiding water away from the pool and your home can sound easy enough, yet it can be an art, and one for the professionals. In areas where it is difficult to grade pool decking or hardscape areas away from a foundation or pooling area, we recommend that installing drains that will transport excess rainwater to an appropriate location.

Dimensions and added outdoor living areas add excitement and make a landscape investment valuable.
Dimensions and added outdoor living areas add excitement and make a landscape investment valuable.

Some Key Notes Before You Start Digging

•Your outdoor space should be designed to connect with your home and express your character  & personal sense of style. Reach into our extensive colour swatches and palette of textures, shapes, and sizes, and bring your creative landscape to life!

•Coming home after a long day of work, or a wonderful vacation is so much more valuable when you have a welcoming and professionally designed landscape, with stone features. Be excited to come home and park in your stone driveway, with unique accents and borders that set your home aside from the rest. Be motivated to get home each day and capitalize by enjoying your exciting landscaped property!

•Your landscape entrance is where all first impressions are made, and where we meet and greet our family and friends. An interlocking paver or natural stone front entrance creates an inviting entrance into your home and really extends your landscape.

Dimensions and added outdoor living areas add excitement and make a landscape investment valuable.
Precast stone paver and wallstone designed at its best.

Stone landscape & hardscape Installation Checklist:

Now that we are reviewed the art of proper hardscape design, let’s ensure you are ready for the entirety of a project. Like any interior or exterior home or office renovation, there are many additional items and accessories required for a proper, professional installation. Our goal is to ensure that you purchase the correct materials, and the highest qualities materials that exist in the landscape industry. This assures a quality driven project, with long lasting results, and eliminates the opportunity for error. Below, we have highlighted the materials that should accompany your interlocking purchase:

  1. Delivery – of all of your material to prevent complication
  2. Geotextile / filter cloth / landscape fabric – to canvas or wrap the excavated area
  3. A-Gravel – for a minim um 8” compacted sub-base under the bedding layer
  4. #2 Sand or HBP – for the or bedding layer directly under the paver
  5. Adhesive – for any application where the pavers or wallstones must be glued together
  6. Edge Restraint – an edge restraint that support the outside of the pavers 
  7. Spikes – 10” non-galvanized spikes for the edge restraint
  8. Polymeric Stabilizer Sand – a bonding sweeping sand to fill the joints of the pavers
  9. Sealer – that is best suited for your stone and aesthetic preference
Hardscape and paver accessories are all a part of a stone landscape.
Hardscape and paver accessories are all a part of a stone landscape.

Our CREATIVE precast and natural paving stone Collection Consists Of:

1) Best Way Stone 

adelaide, agora, aquapave, ardesia, avari, basketweave, bellagio, bellagio antico, corso, flagstone, galleria, manhattan, moderna, pathway, richmond, standard, double standard, standard press, strada, strada antico, tresca, trevista, trevista smooth, villa, antico stacker, belvedere, garden lock, hazleton, palladio antico, parkwall, parkway antico, parkwall smooth, ridgewall, soho wall

New Avari paver by Best Way Stone, in Glaciar Creek colour.
New Avari paver by Best Way Stone, in Glaciar Creek colour.

2) Techo-Bloc

agerdeen, antika, aquastorm, blu 45, blu 60, blu 80 (smooth, slate, granitex, polished, HD, galaxy), borealis, borealis stepping stone, diamond, dunes slab, eva, flagstone, hera, inca, industria, inflo, linea, maya slab, mezzo slab, mika, mista, mista grande, monticello, ocean paver, para slab, pure, san marino, sleek, squadra, travertina, travertino raw paver, tux, valet, venetian series, victorian, villagio, baltimore, borealis wall, brandon, escala, g-force, graphix, manchester, mini creta architectural 3” & 6,” mini creta pillar, precott, prescott pillar, raffinato, raffinato pillar, rocka wall, samma polished & split face, skyscraper, travertina wall

3) Brooklin

banff, barnboard, inversa, lakeridge, peninsula slab, quarry stone, remington, santa fe, tree stump, winchester,  landmark, manor wall, quickwall

Barnboard by Broolin is a wonderful and unique paver choice to highlight your design style!
Barnboard by Broolin is a wonderful and unique paver choice to highlight your design style!

4) Unilock

metro slab, brussels block, windermere, windermere smooth, europaver classic, hollandstone, double holland, optiloc, granite, umbriano, tribeca cobble, sense, series, ratline, beacon hill flagstone, beacon hill smooth, bristol valley, mattoni, promenade plank, thorn bury, il campo, richcliff, courtstone, town hall, copthorne, u-cara multi-face, rivercrest, lineo dimensional stone, brussels dimensional wall, architextures wall, pisa2, sienastone, durahold, sienastone smooth, sonomastone, durahold, stackstone

5) Natural Stones 

Indian Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Porcelain, Demestic & Imported natural stones, as well as Cobble stone. Including Banas Stone, Oakville Natural stone, custom imported stone, and Ontario Wiarton stone.

Beautiful natural stone pavers are a great choice for warmth and beauty in any stone landscape.
Beautiful natural stone pavers are a great choice for warmth and beauty in any stone landscape.



We of course have a fleet of unique trucks and equipment that allow us to delivery product anywhere in southern ontario, and on a regular basis. Our delivery zone focuses on the following markets, yet is not limited to:

•Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Elmira, St. Jacobs, Hawksville, Conestogo, Listowel, Elora, Fergus, Arthur, Erin, New Hamburg, Baden, Wellesley, Plattsville, Ayr, Ariss, Maryhill, Rockwood, Aberfoyle, Puslinch, Belwood, Stratford, St. Marys, Mitchel, New Dundee, Mannheim, Morriston, Hespler, Preston, Haysville, St. Agatha, Petersburg, St. Clements, Heidelberg, Linwood, Flordale, Bloomingdale, Roseville, Winterbourne, West Montrose, Edin Mills, Halton Hills, Acton, Georgetown

•For the most part, our delivery system travels all of Wellington, Brant, Woolwich, Waterloo, Wilmot County, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, and the entire GTA

Hire a Pro or Just ask CREATIVE!

We support DIY installation, and home owners taking the initiative to install their own landscape. However, we highly recommend the use of an industry professional to help design and install the product, to protect your investment and offer a warranty for long-term security and pro results. Please visit our CREATIVEpro platform online to view our list of CREATIVEpro’s and those who we recommend for great outcomes!


We have an extensive library of product photos, including, veneer stone images, hardscape images, mulch & ground cover images, creative landscape images, accessory images, and all other major product categories.

If you are looking to start a new landscaping project on your home or business, consider the value of working with a CREATIVE team member or a CREATIVEpro. A well designed landscape with an inviting ambiance increases curb appeal by offering a warm and inviting place for your family and friends. Not only does a well designed landscape extend your living space, it can also offer many other social and lifestyle benefits.

For more information on residential or commercial landscaping, or tips on how to start the design stage for your landscape, contact us today! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate on our industry leading products and offer an on-site consultation to share ideas for your yard!

We have an extensive network of fire professionals who we can recommend to you based on the scale of your design. If your thinking landscaping – you should be considering the use of our network for value-added results!

Contact Us

For more information, or to share ideas regarding your project, please contact our Creative Landscape Depot team. Our on site displays are elaborate, and showcase our extensive variety of fire features, fire pits, and fire bowls. Let us engage with you, and discuss the accessories that may be required or must be considered before any landscape investments begins! 

We are located 30 seconds North of Waterloo, where Weber Street and King Street intersect by the St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Continue into our small town of St. Jacobs you will notice our landscape / stone supply depot on your left hand side.




1175 King Street North, St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for reading – we sure hope you found some value within this blog:)


Keep Your Landscape Simple, By Using Complimentary & Matching Materials

beutifull landscape with matching buff materail

For years we have been focused on servicing home owners and their many landscape ideas and projects. Our history and background is in landscape installation, so we understand that value of highlighting the right materials to our clients, and ensuring that each project and investment has a valuable outcome.

One thing that we focus on during every sales interaction, is the art of simplicity, which offers class, elegance, and longevity in any design. With this being said, its important that all clients understand, that we have matching material for each area of every landscape, which derives from the same raw material. This keeps colours, finishes, textures, and overall ambiance of a finished landscape design looking like one consistent masterpiece!

Lets have a look at some of our most popular & trending stone kits!!

eramosa traditional flame square cut paver (wet)


Offering matching:


•square cut flagstone


eramosa steps (available in all sizes)



•steps stackers

•veneer stone, and many more products that are necessary for a matching outcome.



buff limestone steps

Again, using this trendy light beige & earth-tone product line, a client is able to finish their entire landscape with matching materials. The same raw billets (natural stone large quarried blocks), are sawn down to multiple products, offering the same tones, and eliminating the need to reach into foreign product lines that may not be the best match. Check out the beauty of our CREATIVE Buff Limestone Kit!

buff pier caps



wiarton dark square cut pavers

Check out our newest line of darker-toned limestone.


This material has a beautiful powerblast or flame finish, which can be blended together and still have an overall matching outcome.




wiarton dark steps (flame top)

Again, we are able to incorporate natural stone pavers, coping, steps, and all other standard landscape material into any design, using the same raw material.

The ability to reach into a specific raw material product line, and design your entire landscape around one tone and one specific vein tucked within our earths layers is an art on its own!!!!



Without a doubt, our Indiana Limestone collection is a favourite amongst architects, designers, contractors, and our CREATIVE clientele and group of members. We urge you to drop by and enjoy the subtle tone, and flawless finish of the Indiana collection. Available in coping, pavers, steps, pier caps, wall stones, and sills, –  we can really creative a masterpiece using this product line.




To prevent overlapping and repeating ourselves, I will just mention that we have numerous other product lines that are available as kits, incorporating matching materials to complete your landscape. Those listed above are some of our favourites, yet our CREATIVE collection offers every industry option, and we invite you to contact us for more information.

Be sure to keep your landscape simple, and spend the appropriate time in the design, using complimentary materials, that offer longevity to your investment, and which really embrace the colours of your homes exterior cladding and other elements!

matching limestone wall panels on left, and complimentary square cut pavers!


thanks for reading!


2017 Landscaping Trends & CREATIVE Material

For those of you who want to ensure you are receiving not only value from your landscape investment, but a quality design and layout, which compliments your lifestyle & lasts forever – check out the following CREATIVEtrends that we see happening today!

Before we jump into the material trends, its important to note that as a landscape supplier, our goal and niche has always been to source and supply the highest quality raw material that exists in the landscape industry, and support the DIY clientele with the same design flare and material selection that a landscape architect, designer, or professional would select for their designs!

The  small difference between low-end and high-end / industry-leading materials is generally very minimal, and we therefore promote the investment in great material when embarking on any homes interior or exterior investment!

Here We Go,,,,, the latest and greatest in the landscaping trends of 2017!


GUILLOTINE ARMOUR STONE – simple, clean, user-friendly, hand-manuverable, and modern in comparison to traditional armour stone products, the guillotine options we have in stock will separate your landscape from
the rest!




DIMENSIONAL WALL STONE – available in 2, 4, 6, & 8″ increments, this stone builds extremely formal landscapes, including; classic retaining walls, steps, borders, fireplaces, etc, etc, etc!

Dimensional wall stone creates the most impressive outcomes and is what we all imagine when we think of natural stone!

Compliment this product with its matching coping, and create an award-winning landscape!




GABION BASKETS – for large or small applications, showcase your creativity with a permeable gabion retaining wall or just a unique accent throughout your landscape. These walls can be hand-built and are great for areas with little access. Google – “gabion basket” and let your creativity run wild, using the million applications and options that have been tried and tested!


DOMESTIC SQUARE-CUT PAVERS – undeniably the smartest looking square-cut option that exists! Our domestic, Ontario pavers are timeless, eye-catching,  available in many colours, and in matching / complimentary copings, wall stones, steps, and more!














BASALT POLISHED BOWLS – drop one of these along side your walkway, tucked in a garden, beside a water feature, bordering your front door, or anywhere your landscape will allow these imported gems to showcase themselves! Any landscape becomes eye-catching and exciting when you include a basalt bowl.



FIRE BOWLS – so easy, so clean, so modern, and an absolute pleasure to have within your private oasis or landscape when you really want to relax! If your looking to capitalize on  your patio investment, we truly believe that you need a fire unit to do so. Fire gives reason, and is a lure to make use of your outdoor space.


If you have any questions regarding the products listed above, or wish to view our many options, please visit us online @ www.creativelandscapedepot.com

2017 CREATIVEtrends

CREATIVE Trends In Outdoor Sound Systems

As the summers warm weather arrives, we naturally begin to spend more time outside. Having a great outdoor sound system can only enhance our favourite season, and give you more reason to enjoy your backyard space!

Modern landscape audio systems are now sleek with new designs and technology that allows you to seamlessly take your lifestyle outdoors without compromising audio quality or aesthetic.

We all love having music outside, swinging on a hammock or lounging on a deck chair while reading a good book. And, if you also love to entertain, what’s a gathering without some background sound that has the ability to rock too! – All without disturbing the neighbours!

Today’s outdoor sound systems are much more sophisticated! When installed correctly, a quality outdoor speaker system can look and sound great, but the key word here is quality. Playing music in the backyard is far different from playing music in the family room! The backyard’s vast open space sucks the volume out of any speaker system. Therefore, the right speakers, with enough amplified power, and the right positioning of the speakers is key to creating a quality outdoor sound system. Both of our outdoor speakers systems offer 8-70 degree sound direction, to prevent interrupting the neighbours, and to provide stronger and clearer sounding audio for your personal living space!

Our CREATIVE landscape audio equipment is weather-resistant and therefore able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures. The speakers are designed to stand up to the elements of the sun and therefore not susceptible to fading or rust.

With the growing trend to both spend more time in the home and to increase the value of the home, the “outdoor living movement” now includes adding landscape audio to any exterior space where you are enjoying with family or entertaining with friends! If you are embarking on a new landscape renovation or just want to upgrade your space, come and check out our landscape audio collection installed in our showroom!

One final note! When considering installing an outdoor sound system, you may want to considering the investment of exterior lighting as well, or vice versa. These two installations require the same type of workload, including; trenching cable lines and hiding wires, strategically placing the lights or speakers for quality ambiance and functionality, and connecting the lighting or speaker units to the main cables and transformers or amplifiers. Save yourself some money and time by scheduling these two trending landscape options together, and increase the value of your outdoor space and property in general!

Please contact us for a CREATIVEpro who can assist you on all outdoor lighting and audio, and provide a consultation for a system best suited for your home and lifestyle.

Why Your Landscape Project Should Start @ CREATIVE

Your Landscape Project Should Really Start At A Landscape Supply Yard!

Starting any renovation is overwhelming, because the human nature has unlimited amounts of ideas and constant imaginations of what our home or landscape could or should look like. With many existing elements and shapes to compliment in and around our homes, its important that all of our ideas are exercised with professionals, and that all material options are assessed.

Here are a the main reasons why a landscape depot like CREATIVE LANDSCAPE DEPOT should be a destination for starting your landscape design.

INVENTORY: We have an inventory of all landscape supplies. This inventory includes the most popular and trending materials, as well as the latest refined stone fresh off the press that the general public, including the professionals, have often not digested quite yet! By touring our yard you can compare all available materials and colour options that best suit your character and home!



THE TEAM: Our staff loves to participate and offer their expertise within the landscape industry. Our group of professionals is built on a list of unique skills and expertise, allowing you to work with a member who really understands value in their respective product line! Whether it be natural stone, base material, plants, landscape lighting, water features, veneer stone, etc, we have a professional who can guide you down the right path and educate you on all areas that make a great decision!

BUDGET: We can quote your ideas, material selection, and overall design. This will allow you to understand the scale of project you have in mind, and refine the project if necessary, in order to meet your budget. It also helps you prepare for a consultation with a landscape professional, and move the project forward one step! Check out our CREATIVE calculator online!

NETWORK & RESOURCE: CREATIVE has an extensive network of landscape architects, designers, and professionals who install with industry certification and the highest level of customer service. Our networks is a refined group of craftsmen and craftswoman who love to build award-winning designs, and value-added landscapes and outdoor spaces! Stop in to chat about our CREATIVEpro contacts, and find the best fit for your design ideas!

DELIVERY: We have a fleet of delivery trucks that can not only delivery multiple materials at once, but we can even place the heavy hardscape or stones within your landscape!



INSPIRATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Our yard is loaded with display boards of all of our materails. The opportunity to see complementary products side by side helps to make purchasing decisions. Our pool coping is beside its matching square cut paver and step material, as most pool projects require these items around the landscape. Our interlocking pavers are highlighted on substantial display boards, and installed on site for a better idea of their profile and laying patterns. Our thin stone veneer gallery is nicely renovated with large profiles of all veneer options. Stop in to tour our display areas and get inspired by our product collection, including:

fire bowls @CREATIVE

•mulches & a variety of decorative stones, fire stones, and crushed glasses

•artificial turf installed & hand sample boards available to take home

•a collection of home accent items including gabion baskets and fences, fire bowls, fire features, urns, and stone benches

•landscape lighting

•waterscapes and independent gurgler stone

artificial turf installed at CREATIVE


•interlocking paver & wall stone, including hand sample boards to take home

•domestic and imported natural stone paver, coping, caps, and decorative stone

•the largest collection of stone steps, random treads, and other trending step options

•veneer stone gallery & hand sample boards available to take home

decorative stone @CREATIVE






SERVICE: We simply strive on a daily basis to inspire, educate, and provide the key contacts and materials to create value-added & exciting landscapes!

                                      eramosa pavers @CREATIVE

CREATIVE brainstorming Leads to Valuable Outcomes!


Planning a landscape design should be fun and exciting, yet we know that it may also be overwhelming. We suggest 5 Tips for Brainstorming Success and idea generating.

Getting CREATIVE isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to force innovative ideas to fall in your lap naturally. As difficult as brainstorming may be, there is always going to be a need for developing CREATIVE ideas. When planning a landscape or home renovation, you’re required to get CREATIVE, so that your ideas add value to your home. Follow these quick tips to get the CREATIVE concepts flowing, so you can brainstorm a brilliant landscape design!

Write & Draw It Down. No matter how difficult, extreme, or simple you think the idea might be, writing those down will lead you down the path to a solid landscape plan. Plus, it can act as a guide for any consolation you may have when meeting with a professional – ultimately speeding up the process and making your ideas more clear.


Google It. In those instances when you have no clue where to start, it helps to look at what others have built on their own properties. Gaining some inspiration from other landscape designs and unique attributes is always a great start. Save some folders with ideas that catch your attention, and that you think will work for your home, and suit your lifestyle. Revert back to these saved photos to see which concepts continually catch your attention. Building a portfolio of photos that represent your ideas is the best way to take the doubt out of any design!

Sleep On It. You should always make time for this, as a landscape is an investment in the long-term value and curb appeal of your home or office. Once you feel you have concluded on a spectacular and complimentary design, sit on it for a few days, weeks, and confirm with others on their thoughts. Its great to chat with people from within the landscape industry and those whom are not. Its incredible what others perspectives can share, and what time can tell! Sometimes changes to fine details make all the difference! So take enough time to ensure that all of your basis are considered and included in the design & build process!

Start With What You Like. It’s hard to get enthusiastic for something you don’t care about. If you’re having a hard time getting excited about your landscape project or ideas, try thinking of what inspires you, what catches your attention and what part of the project you are most excited about. This way of thinking will help lead you down a more exciting and CREATIVE path.


Share Your Ideas. Once you’ve been working on a landscape design for a while, ideas may start to get harder to perfect and conclude. Keep your project on track by bouncing ideas off your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. Listen to what others have to say about their previous experience with landscaping, what they ‘wish’ they may have considered, or what ‘trends’ they have heard about taking place in the landscape industry! Sharing your ideas and being open to input from others will allow you to refine a personalized landscape that motivates you during the building and enjoyment stages!

Developing CREATIVE ideas does not have to be a painful endeavor. By following these tips, and taking patient / smaller steps, will allow you to enjoy the process!

All of our CREATIVE members are here to assist with your landscape ideas. Use us as a resource to keep your concepts and project moving forward!

2016 kitchen


Landscape Lighting – the CREATIVE benefits and value!

The CREATIVE Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

CREATIVE landscape lighting and consultation with industry leading products!
CREATIVE landscape lighting and consultation with industry leading products!

There are many reasons and to consider outdoor lighting as a way to accent your landscape.  From years of experience servicing the outdoor lighting needs within the landscape sector, we have helped many clients experience the benefits of residential and commercial lighting systems.  Whether you want to increase the security of your property or spend more time enjoying the warm weather during the spring and summer months when the weather is nice, there are many year round benefits provided by outdoor lighting after the sun goes down.


The obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the enhancement to your home’s appearance. The lights make your home and landscaping visible even after dark. When positioned properly, landscape lights make architectural features of the home pop out. Lights pointed at your favourite plants make the most of your landscaping at all times of night and day. Outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The illumination makes your house stand out by boosting the curb appeal at night.


Landscape lighting increases the functionality of your outdoor spaces. With proper lighting, you can use your front and backyard long after the sun goes down. Flood lights attached to the house provide a large amount of general light to brighten a patio area or a portion of the yard. Lights attached to deck posts illuminate the area for late-night dining or conversations. For additional lighting around a patio tables, under railings, stone copings, steps, and any other area please contact us or visit our CREATIVE showroom.

Enhance Security and Safety

Illuminating your property after dark can also be an effective way of dissuading unwanted guests from poking around on your property. Lighting systems can help to keep your invited guests safe after dark. Illuminating entrance points, like doors and windows, with lights makes it difficult for a potential burglar to break in unnoticed. When choosing where to place landscape lighting for security, consider the darkest areas of the yard and the places near the home where a burglar could enter. If you have a security camera system be sure to consider the placement of lighting for best visual results of each camera location.

Place lights around the swimming pool, along walkways and near the terrace or patio areas that get frequent traffic so as to reduce the risk of falls or other injuries.

Accentuate Landscaping and Improve Property Value

CREATIVE outdoor lighting highlights the beauty of your building as well as increases the value of your property.   Lighting your exterior is considered an added amenity by prospective buyers and appraisers, as it represents a lifetime investment back into the properties.  Commercial applications, with well-done landscape lighting design are often considered to be more appealing to customers, and attract more business than unlit dark business.

Installing exterior light systems is an excellent way to accentuate your commercial or residential property’s landscaping, improving both aesthetics and visibility.  Our light design experts will provide you with options to customize your installation, whether you wish to accent a fountain or simply light up the walkways or your company logo.  CREATIVE has the product knowledge to help you highlight the best aspects of a property and its surroundings, or our installation network can help!

Hire a Pro or Just ask CREATIVE!

If you are looking to start a new landscaping project on your home or business, consider the value of adding outdoor lighting. A well-lit yard increases curb appeal by offering a warm and inviting place for your family and friends. Not only does outdoor lighting extend your living space, it can offer huge safety and security benefits. Highlight your home’s beautiful lawn, garden, and other landscaping features with outdoor lighting!

For more information on residential or commercial landscaping, or tips on how to place outdoor lights in your yard, contact us today! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate on our industry leading lighting products and offer an on-site consultation to share ideas for your yard!

We have an extensive network of landscape lighting professionals who we can recommend to you based on the scale of your design. If your thinking landscaping – you should be considering the element of landscape lighting at the same time!

leading industry products and CREATIVE service
leading industry products and CREATIVE service offset-placement-path-lights



Designing your Space & Why Choosing a Landscape Architect, Designer, or Contractor is so Critical to a Good Design and Functional Space!

Goals for your Landscape Design:

•compliment the design and style of your home by examining your lifestyle and preferences

•choosing the right product, borders, accents, and accessories that work well with your home and existing landscape or grading of property (mosaics)

•scale and proportion of all elements within the design, such as retaining walls, pergolas, patios, driveways, and fireplace areas

•add value through incorporating the correct elements & products that exist in our industry

•adding curb appeal that suits the neighbourhood and surroundings

•make the design safe and practical

Anyone can dream about the space they have in their yard but planning the space takes experience and a lot of thought. Plans do not necessarily need to be a formal drawing, but they do need to be well planned out, and to scale in order understand how to best to use the space. This little bit of homework goes a long way and ensures your investment will be enjoyed for many years to come.

‘Ask us about our home consulting and outdoor space design network.’

Think about what you want – do you need a place for kids to play? A place for the dog? For barbecue? For storage? Do you want a shady corner? Seating for a dozen? A work-shop? Make a list of your ‘have-to-have items.

Now think about function – you’ll want a soft surface under a swing set, but might want solid pathways for well-traveled areas. Wooden deck or stone patio? Cost may help you decide which materials to use. Play around with a plan on paper, but use a garden hose or can of pray paint to experiment with shapes on the ground. Paths should be wide enough to accommodate your lawn mower and wheelbarrow. Include the placement of doors, windows, access points, and views.

Think about privacy – hedges are great living screens, but take years to grow big enough to be effective and trimming can be a hassle. Vines can be effective screens. There are a variety of fence styles availablee as well.

Dont create a drainage problem – water must drain away from your house or it will drain into it and cause long term issues with your home. keep it in mind when installing paths, patios, or ponds.

Plant the biggest items first – trees take several to many years to mature, shrubs take a few years, and flowers only a season or two. Think about the shade you create with a tree, and make sure it falls where you want it. Obviously its easier to move a flower than a tree, so make your mistakes on paper.

Dont be overwhelmed – you dont have to do it all at one time, or even all by yourself. A well though out plan can be phased in as your time and budget allow. A landscape designer or architect can draw up a plan for you, and proceed at your own pace. Remember that your relationship with your landscape architect should be a two way street. It is your space but as a professional they can and should help you through any potential concerns and prevent wasting time and money.

Have fun with it – gardening is supposed to be a stress-buster, not a stress-maker.

Choosing a Professional Contractor / Installer

We recommend the use of professional landscape contractors for your project. When considering & designing your homes landscape, you are making an important investment in your home. Don’t let poor workmanship turn your ideal plan into a disappointment. Propert site preparation with the correct grading, base materials and compaction is key to ensuring that your hardscape or landscape looks great and offers longevity in your investment!